Coffee Shop A great way of extending customer service and increasing sales. Also allows customers to get appointments to suit there needs • Loyalty Card Function – Every time someone places an order you can digitally stamp their loyalty card. After they reach a certain number of rewards they get a Free gift. ie. Buy 6 taco's - get 1 free. You can set up whatever you • Coupon Codes – These has been incredibly effective . You can offer 10% off. Buy one get one free etc. These have been hugely popular with your type of business. Full Customisable • Full Social Media Integration – We can add your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts. As you update your social media is auto updates inside the app in real time • Push Notifications - You can send a push message to every user who has downloaded an app in a certain radius if your business (ie 5 miles) Is business slow that day? Run a quick promotional message

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Fitness App Here are just a few examples of what you could have on your very own branded app... • Customer Loyalty Scheme – We all know how difficult it ca


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Business Consultant First let me show you what ways other business coaches have been using an app. · Video Gallery – Upload all of your video content, whe